Instagram has more than one billion active monthly users. 90% of the users follow Instagram business accounts. Instagram introduced a lot of new features for a marketer looking to promote their services and products. Instagram can be a great platform to boost sales, engage with followers and find new followers. But it is not all roses and sunshine. How do you get users to engage with your account? Do you know how to attract more followers to your Instagram account? Most marketers struggle with these questions. In this blog, let us discuss some tested and tried growth strategies for Instagram.

Most marketers use black hat techniques for Instagram growth. You need to get creative if you want to make sure you help your Instagram growth. You can do a lot to attract more users to your account, from hosting contests to the strategic use of hashtags. 

Here are some of the great strategies for Instagram that you can try out to grow your online presence. 


Hashtags will help users to discover your posts. Hashtags can also help you to get more engagement and boost your post’s reach if used properly. Hashtags can be an asset in your Instagram marketing strategy, but only if you know how to use hashtags in the right way. For example, generic hashtags like #fitness or #beauty may be used most frequently so that your content may get lost among all of the tagged content. This is why you need to strategically use hashtags. You can also use a third-party application to find the best hashtags on Instagram relevant to your target customers. 


Every minute, 347223 people are scrolling through their feed on Instagram. You need to post more content on Instagram if you want to get your target audiences’ attention. Instagram now shows content based on timelines, relationships, and interests. That means your target audience gets to see your posts if they have interacted with your band previously or if they are interested in your concept/subject. One needs to post content strategically and frequently to achieve growth on Instagram. You need to find out when users are active. Schedule your posts on Instagram accordingly, when your target audience is most active.  

But the best times to post differs from industry to industry. However, every Instagram account varies, and the tricks and tips that work for one account may not work for another one. It is very important to pay attention to how your followers interact with your posts because it will help you to determine which time is best for you to post on Instagram. Post your content several times a day to find out when to get the most engagement. To understand your audience’s preferences, you can also use social media listening apps.


If you want to improve your growth on Instagram, you have got to engage your target audiences. Building Instagram engagement is not only about posting creative and interesting content, but also you need to be active in the comment section. Encourage your audience to share, comment, and like on your content. Obtain automatic Instagram likes monthly will improve your Instagram growth. Invest your time in replying to your audience’s comments. And keep your tone conversational and genuine. You can also follow your loyal audiences, which may help you to expand your businesses.


Instagram live videos, videos, and stories are great for Instagram growth. They let you engage your audience and be creative in new ways.



You want to limit down your niche, which is the first and foremost thing to find your target audiences.  This is very easy because already you have a niche if you are a business. Discovering a niche that compatible with your passions is vital if you are an influencer or want to be an influencer.  Buy Instagram story views at low cost, whatever your niche may be. There are general niches like food, home, travel, fashion, etc.; At the same time, the above-mentioned is superior to having no niche for you at all; try limiting your topic so that you have a very particular audience.

If we take travel as an example, it can be limited down to US travel, luxury travel, budget travel,  solo travel, travel with kids, etc. 

Once you have selected your niche, you know what your target audience will want consistently, and you can offer it to them. 


It is demonstrated that users prefer the vertical-shaped pictures at the (4 * 5) maximum heights. Posting the vertical images takes up most of the user screens, Instagram displays upstanding/vertical on your phone, and also, if you revolve your phone, it does not rotate. So that people are capable of viewing a picture that tells a more part of the screen on their phone. 


One of the essential things that you can do for your brands and business is investing a high-quality camera gear, whether you are an influencer or a business. The cameras of phones are getting much better, but they aren’t just compared to a high-quality camera. Right now, if you do not have the funds, the phone photos can still look great and are better than no photos at all, of course by Instagram story views at low cost with high quality. 


You can use third-party applications to make high-quality photos, like Canva –  it is used to add a text to story/ photo, Afterlight – it provides the effects “dusty” on the pictures, LensDistortion – with this application, you can add a light flare, PicsArt  – with the help of this application you can add a text or sticker or combine photos, Google Snapseed –  it has a smart photo expansion features. It has a different variety of effects that including a tool “healing.” 


This is one of the editing applications. It will apply particular effects ( highlights, shadows, hue, color, etc.) to your pictures and helps you to make a consistent editing style for your feed.


RAW( .raw or .nef) pictures keep so much more detail than .jpg or .JPEG photos. So much detail is kept in a RAW image when it comes to raising the shadows or doing other edits to your pictures. It is the high quality your pictures can be. Making your RAWA picture is very easy. First, you have to go to the camera setting and choose the RAW for the quality of your images. 

5 Killer Techniques To Master Instagram Reels

Reels are a new feature on the Instagram platform that allows you to record or upload videos up to 15 – 30 seconds, along with music and effects. This feature is familiar to you because it is fairly similar to the TikTok application. Although Reels first introduced in Brazil, now it is available in over 50 countries in the world. Reels really help marketers who can reach worldwide audiences for their business growth. 

Showcase Your Products

Rather than only posting your product’s pictures, you can make a video creative to showcase your products for the consumers. For example, you are running a boutique shop, and you could show off your collections and product sizes. You can even showcase if you own a service relevant business, and you could show off people’s experience after using your services.

Share Educational Content

Using Reels to provide some informative videos to the audience in a fun and creative way. Share a how-tos guide, some tips, or answer the most frequently asked questions about your product or services. These things show that you are an expert in the field to the audience, and some of them become your potential customers after watching your content.  

Create Contests & Challenges

People always love that social media challenges, particularly if you offer some prizes for best participation at the end and challenges give some good experiences to the audiences. Create a challenge for your Reel video to go viral and increase your brand awareness. Use the Reels to create sneak peek videos for hashtag challenges that help the followers participate, and they will easily understand your contest. 

Repurpose content

You could share on your reels the most engaging content that went viral in your other social media channels.  This is called “Repurposing content.” When you do so, you can spend more time in analysing how to  improve your marketing strategy rather than spending time in creating new content. Such type of content is likely to receive more comments section attracting more people to view everything you’ve posted. And this strategy could instantly boost Instagram Reels comments which will help your Reel video go viral, and make your account ultimately popular on Instagram.

Showcase Your Brand’s Personality

When you gain authenticity and credibility from the people, they continuously buy your brand’s products. In that case, you’ll be able to share behind the scenes of your products and show your workplace on your Reels. These help the audience understand about your brand deeply and gain more potential customers for your business.

Final Words

Instagram Reels is a new and effective marketing tool as well as a free ad campaign to promote your product or services online. There are more editing features available to make your eye catching content on Instagram and using these tools to enhance your content too. Ready to add “Instagram Reels Marketing strategy” in your marketing in order to grow your business to a great level.

Instagram Reels:5 Simple Ways To Drive Bags Of Engagement

Are you aware of Instagram Reels? If not then, it’s the new addition to the Instagram platform. It was launched in August 2020; the good news is, it’s similar to TikTok. Using Reels, you can record video 15-seconds with multiple clips along with audio, stickers, effects, and other creative tools. It has its icon on its Instagram home page, and there, you can find your Reels if you have posted videos previously. Moreover, Instagram Reels offers room space for business owners and marketers to maintain their brand presence and connect more with their target audience. 

If you are new to Instagram Reels, you will see some tips to grow your presence on Instagram Reels in this article. 

Let’s jump into, 

Offer Valuable Reason To Follow

Without any concept or idea, you can’t simply put your videos on the Reels tab. People want worthy reasons to follow or engage with your content. The way of delivery, your behavior, how you are expressing yourself is matter. Being yourself is essential to impress and show your uniqueness. May sounds unusual, ask your friends and family, to tell what they like from you? You have lots to utilize. Remember, one thing, being real and humanized. 

 Along with that, you can make use of your skills or knowledge. You will be an expert in your own field, right. Try to showcase in a creative, effective way to attract people to engage with your video.

Post Frequently 

It may sound like a cliche, but this is the most important tip. Also, if you’re a content creator, you will know how difficult it is to keep on producing videos with creativity and fun. At the same time, you don’t want to create amusing or great content. Did you know? Instagram Reels can also be used as a vlog. 

Partner With Other Users 

Cross-promotion is worth enough to share your brand with a large group of audience. Moreover, it’s effortless. All you need to do is connect with a brand or influencer who has the same target audience. And clear with that, they want to partner on a post or series of posts. You will provide access to your audience with your partner. So, partner with an Instagrammer who your audience will enjoy and trust. It helps to increase your engagement rate, gain audience attention. You can also buy Instagram Reels comments to maximize audience interaction. Well, the cross-promotion will be beneficial to you and your partner. It will help to increase your reach and direct way to get new followers. Ensure your partner belongs to your business or industry. 

Pay Attention To Trends 

Creating content similar to trending videos will bring bags of engagement and views. If you spot any popular or trending videos, don’t wait a single minute; start creating those trending topics. Remember, it can be popular songs, dialogue, funny ways, and more. If you get more engagement, you’re likely to get featured on an explore page. It is a simple way to make your brand in front of a larger audience.

On the other hand, you can even come up with your challenge, ask your followers to do that. It is a simple way to make your brand in front of a larger audience. 

Make Use Of Hashtags 

Adding hashtags to your content will make it easier for your audience to spot your video. Ensure your content is relevant to your content.

Winding Up

By the way, posting at the right time will help you to bring maximum engagement. Try to create quality content to blow your audience’s mind. And most frequently, follow the trend, be you always. Well, all these tips will help you to grow your Instagram Reels. 

Author Bio

Mary Kyle is a content developer and marketing manager who works at Snaphappen. She has written more trending articles on social media and has a handful of experience in delivering engaging content.

4 Ultimate Ways to Update Your Instagram Marketing Strategies

In this guide, I will give the fundamentals of Instagram marketing. Here are a few tips to enhance your marketing strategies in 2021. 

Instagram plays a major role in social media. It is the second most downloaded app from the app store. So businesses feel Instagram is a goldmine for promoting the business. Many brands struggle to grow in Instagram as part of their social marketing strategy, and we understand why.

You need an actionable Instagram strategy if you want to improve a presence and grab customers.

Come. Let’s go! 

1. Optimize Your Instagram Account: 

After signing up for your account, you should concentrate on updating your profile. So, you need to give real content information in the bio section. Also, add the brand-related keyword in your description and set the profile picture as the brand logo. This is the perfect start for your business. 

If you want to develop your business, you should add the following strategies:

  • Hashtags: Using your branded hashtags is a perfect choice to enhance the businesses. 
  • Profile Links: You can add your website link in your Instagram bio. Hereby, you can increase your website traffic. 
  • Story Views: Publish stories on your Instagram newsfeed, which makes your content gets more interesting. Increasing story views is one kind of brand reach. If you want massive instant story views, you can buy Instagram story views for your video,which helps to boost video visibility. 

2. Write Attractive Captions: 

Instagram is a visual medium where you can add photos, videos, etc. Also, you can include the caption in every photo and video. 

We recommend that you don’t neglect the captions because it is the right place to add your brand story. The total length of the captions is 2200 characters long. So, you can explain a detailed story about your brand. 

The first two text lines will display on the screen; if anyone wants to read full, click – read more. 

In the post, we will suggest the best caption length for every social network.

  • Instagram ads: 125 characters
  • Organic Post: 138- 150 characters

3. Use Hashtags:

Adding hashtags into your post, which helps to improve visibility and discoverability. The massive benefit of Instagram is that you can add up to 30 hashtags in a single post. But realistically, no one does that. 

We will recommend that you can include the 5ive to ten hashtags per post. In case you have stuffed more hashtags, it becomes spammy, so your followers turn off the post. 

Also, don’t use repetitive and irrelevant hashtags in your post because Instagram users are not interested to see your content. 

4. Engagement:

If you want to engage your users, you have to create quality content and upload them. 

When the viewers get engagement on Instagram? 

You’re posting quality content, and the Instagram users get engagement. Making high-level content is perfect, but keep in mind that don’t ignore the comments. The common way to interact with your viewers is via comments. 

Try to maximum respond to your viewers to whatever questions. Also, search out the popular account and follow them. Give likes and comments based on your thoughts without promotional ways. 

5. Go Live:

The best way to connect with your potential audience, you can do Instagram Live.

Instagram gives the perfect offer on Instagram live. This below, we have suggested a few strategies about how to use Instagram live:

  • Add a Guest in your live and make conversations
  • Host Q&A
  • Conduct a workshop
  • Interview a team member

For example, Matthew McConaughey is an American actor who invited Dr. Anthony Fauci for Instagram live. They both make live on Instagram to discuss the COVID-19 issue and how to solve this problem. They both have above 4M followers. 


A couple of years back, Instagram concocted stories to contend with Snapchat. These days, it is TikTok, whose fifteen-second recordings are getting increasingly more consideration, which is an online media fiend’s top choice. Thus, Instagram needed to concoct another element to contend with, and they thought of Instagram Reels. 

Instagram Reels is a TikTok roused highlight that affirms that recordings are the path forward. It is additionally an endeavor to take up with development again as it had been very delayed for the past quarters. The facts confirm that Instagram uses expanded by 14% during the pandemic because of individuals remaining at home, which is a lot greater number than recently anticipated. Notwithstanding, it isn’t anything contrasted with the 78% development that TikTok involved in 2019. 


After Instagram stories came around, not that numerous individuals appreciated it. Until it turned out to be such a well-known element that Facebook and Youtube likewise revealed their own variants of stories. Instagram stories utilization has now soared, way beyond Snapchat’s. Will Instagram Reels follow a similar magnificent way of Instagram Stories? What might that mean for web-based media administrators and brands? What do brands need to think about Instagram Reels?

What are Instagram Reels? 

Reels permit clients to make a drawing, for the sake of entertainment, and short recordings utilizing an inventory of music and client created Reels media on Instagram. Their fundamental element – on TikTok at any rate – is to permit recordings matched up to music and sound. Clients can likewise utilize a green screen to make a film like a film and recordings. 

Despite the fact that Instagram Reels show up as an immediate contender to TikTok, their principal reason stays to engage. Reels will have the chance to become famous online gratitude to the Explore page, much the same as stories or posts would. Much the same as Instagram stories, Reels most recent 15 seconds. 

All Instagram clients can buy Instagram Reels views to Instagram Reels presently. In reality, while the element was being tried in Brazil, it has now been turned out in France and Germany. The element is still in the testing stage, yet accessible on the two iOS and Android. 

Be that as it may, you can anticipate that Instagram Reels should be accessible overall very soon. Particularly as stories before them, they may turn into an incredible wellspring of income for Instagram through brand promotion.

Reels is at its center fundamentally the same as TikTok. In the event that Instagram needs to get TikTok clients to run back to their application, they better not make this new component vastly different nor more muddled to utilize. 

To get to Instagram Reels, clients can open the Instagram Stories camera and discover the Reels symbol on the right, soon after “live” and “story.” Clients will, at that point, have the option to film 15-second recordings and include sound from the Instagram in-application index. Clients will have the option to discover sound through the hashtag look or Explore tab or source sound via looking through mainstream and moving sounds as well.


The number one picture-based social media network in the globe is Instagram. Your marketing campaign on Instagram has provided so many opportunities and add more value to your business. Some of the most important statistics of Instagram you should not avoid on Instagram is receive Instagram impressions and the following points:  

  • Eighty percent of the Instagram users are from outside of America.
  • Sixty percent of Instagram users are female.
  • Daily. Ninety-five million of the photos are shared.
  • More than forty billion pictures are shared.
  • More than four hundred million users are active on the platform on a daily basis.
  • On a monthly basis, over seven hundred million users are on Instagram.

Before starting the marketing campaign on Instagram, you should know about a few things.  You have to focus mainly on videos or photos for your post because Instagram is not a platform that is based on words. In any other social media platform, videos post on Instagram will get you three times more engagement than a picture. Comparing to some other social media like Twitter and Facebook, Instagram has more regular engagement.  But Instagram is not a picture’s platform. It will show the personality of your brand so that you have chosen how you want to publish on Instagram and what you want to publish on Instagram.  


Instagram is a topmost social media network that is not like any other social media platform. If you are using a great strategy, it will be best for you. The main focus of Instagram is your pots and content, so make sure that you keep your posts in visual style and clear vision. Use great visual posts because Instagram is an asocial media platform which is specifically for the images; in other words, Instagram is a picture specific platform, so when you are choosing an image, you should keep some of the great tips in your minds:

  • Content.
  • Filters
  • Format
  • Fonts
  • Palette for colors
  • Composition.

Do not showcase your pictures on the office table when you are going to posting the picture of your products or businesses. To stand out on Instagram among your competitors, use the background colors very colorfully. Instagram gains twice the engagement rate more than a picture post. Post some animation videos that explain your brands or businesses. Extra options and offers are there for posting Instagram videos. Boomerang is the newest way and the newest trend that is released by Instagram. Boomerangs are nothing but a repetitive of the videos or looping of your videos or some camera footage. Use this boomerang tool to stand out from your competitors on Instagram, because it is an excellent tool for gaining more engagement rate. One of the popular and newest features of Instagram is stories, which are also similar to Facebook stories. Business opportunities are provided by the stories. The essential part of the post of Instagram is hashtags. You can get more exposure by adding a general type of hashtags. Instagram is a great platform that is not based on the word, but it is mainly based on photos. 

Easy Tricks To Boost Your Instagram Story Views

Instagram is the visual message sharing platform for interacting and quality of posting with your audience’s needs and interests. There are 1.5 billion active users on this amazing platform. For every individual and business person to achieve their goals successfully at a particular time by using this platform. Instagram’s hottest and most trending part is its stories. There are millions and thousands of people who post their information in the form of images, videos, texts, and contents by using this Instagram story. Here are some easy and useful ideas to increase your Instagram story views. 

Pre Plan Is Important

Your Instagram stories are needed to be more engaging and fun. So try to make some funny and attractive images and videos to get more engagement. But, make sure your story contains quality and truthful content. Take the images and videos on your native camera and then upload them to your Instagram stories part. Plan your goal before you post your stories. What is the purpose of your Instagram stories is very important to reach your success quickly.

Interact With Your Audience

Most of the business and individual people are using Instagram stories to get better engagement and reach their goals successfully. Interaction is very helpful for getting more Instagram story views. If you are a starter for this Instagram platform. Initially, your profile has fewer fans and followers and your story gets the minimum number of views. The best and easiest way is to buy instant Instagram story views to increase your Instagram story views and get more audience support at one time. When someone interacts with your story, that is the starting point of your profile and gets more success. So, replay your audience questions and interact with your audience is the best way to give them the truth about your profile and Instagram account. 

Add Your Location

Location is the great and effective feature to increase your fans and followers. This is a great way to reach the followers on your profile directly. Simply click the sticker icon on the right top corner on your Instagram page and then select the location icon. Next, search your location and add it to your page. This is very helpful for all your audience to know your location. 


Hashtags are the king for all social media networks. Instagram gives more effective features, one of the best and beautiful features is hashtags. Hashtags are the way to reach your story quickly for your audience. So, make some popular and relevant hashtags and add it to your every Instagram story. Hashtags help form your audience to find and reach your story perfectly and quickly.