The number one picture-based social media network in the globe is Instagram. Your marketing campaign on Instagram has provided so many opportunities and add more value to your business. Some of the most important statistics of Instagram you should not avoid on Instagram is receive Instagram impressions and the following points:  

  • Eighty percent of the Instagram users are from outside of America.
  • Sixty percent of Instagram users are female.
  • Daily. Ninety-five million of the photos are shared.
  • More than forty billion pictures are shared.
  • More than four hundred million users are active on the platform on a daily basis.
  • On a monthly basis, over seven hundred million users are on Instagram.

Before starting the marketing campaign on Instagram, you should know about a few things.  You have to focus mainly on videos or photos for your post because Instagram is not a platform that is based on words. In any other social media platform, videos post on Instagram will get you three times more engagement than a picture. Comparing to some other social media like Twitter and Facebook, Instagram has more regular engagement.  But Instagram is not a picture’s platform. It will show the personality of your brand so that you have chosen how you want to publish on Instagram and what you want to publish on Instagram.  


Instagram is a topmost social media network that is not like any other social media platform. If you are using a great strategy, it will be best for you. The main focus of Instagram is your pots and content, so make sure that you keep your posts in visual style and clear vision. Use great visual posts because Instagram is an asocial media platform which is specifically for the images; in other words, Instagram is a picture specific platform, so when you are choosing an image, you should keep some of the great tips in your minds:

  • Content.
  • Filters
  • Format
  • Fonts
  • Palette for colors
  • Composition.

Do not showcase your pictures on the office table when you are going to posting the picture of your products or businesses. To stand out on Instagram among your competitors, use the background colors very colorfully. Instagram gains twice the engagement rate more than a picture post. Post some animation videos that explain your brands or businesses. Extra options and offers are there for posting Instagram videos. Boomerang is the newest way and the newest trend that is released by Instagram. Boomerangs are nothing but a repetitive of the videos or looping of your videos or some camera footage. Use this boomerang tool to stand out from your competitors on Instagram, because it is an excellent tool for gaining more engagement rate. One of the popular and newest features of Instagram is stories, which are also similar to Facebook stories. Business opportunities are provided by the stories. The essential part of the post of Instagram is hashtags. You can get more exposure by adding a general type of hashtags. Instagram is a great platform that is not based on the word, but it is mainly based on photos. 

Easy Tricks To Boost Your Instagram Story Views

Instagram is the visual message sharing platform for interacting and quality of posting with your audience’s needs and interests. There are 1.5 billion active users on this amazing platform. For every individual and business person to achieve their goals successfully at a particular time by using this platform. Instagram’s hottest and most trending part is its stories. There are millions and thousands of people who post their information in the form of images, videos, texts, and contents by using this Instagram story. Here are some easy and useful ideas to increase your Instagram story views. 

Pre Plan Is Important

Your Instagram stories are needed to be more engaging and fun. So try to make some funny and attractive images and videos to get more engagement. But, make sure your story contains quality and truthful content. Take the images and videos on your native camera and then upload them to your Instagram stories part. Plan your goal before you post your stories. What is the purpose of your Instagram stories is very important to reach your success quickly.

Interact With Your Audience

Most of the business and individual people are using Instagram stories to get better engagement and reach their goals successfully. Interaction is very helpful for getting more Instagram story views. If you are a starter for this Instagram platform. Initially, your profile has fewer fans and followers and your story gets the minimum number of views. The best and easiest way is to buy instant Instagram story views to increase your Instagram story views and get more audience support at one time. When someone interacts with your story, that is the starting point of your profile and gets more success. So, replay your audience questions and interact with your audience is the best way to give them the truth about your profile and Instagram account. 

Add Your Location

Location is the great and effective feature to increase your fans and followers. This is a great way to reach the followers on your profile directly. Simply click the sticker icon on the right top corner on your Instagram page and then select the location icon. Next, search your location and add it to your page. This is very helpful for all your audience to know your location. 


Hashtags are the king for all social media networks. Instagram gives more effective features, one of the best and beautiful features is hashtags. Hashtags are the way to reach your story quickly for your audience. So, make some popular and relevant hashtags and add it to your every Instagram story. Hashtags help form your audience to find and reach your story perfectly and quickly.