Instagram has more than one billion active monthly users. 90% of the users follow Instagram business accounts. Instagram introduced a lot of new features for a marketer looking to promote their services and products. Instagram can be a great platform to boost sales, engage with followers and find new followers. But it is not all roses and sunshine. How do you get users to engage with your account? Do you know how to attract more followers to your Instagram account? Most marketers struggle with these questions. In this blog, let us discuss some tested and tried growth strategies for Instagram.

Most marketers use black hat techniques for Instagram growth. You need to get creative if you want to make sure you help your Instagram growth. You can do a lot to attract more users to your account, from hosting contests to the strategic use of hashtags. 

Here are some of the great strategies for Instagram that you can try out to grow your online presence. 


Hashtags will help users to discover your posts. Hashtags can also help you to get more engagement and boost your post’s reach if used properly. Hashtags can be an asset in your Instagram marketing strategy, but only if you know how to use hashtags in the right way. For example, generic hashtags like #fitness or #beauty may be used most frequently so that your content may get lost among all of the tagged content. This is why you need to strategically use hashtags. You can also use a third-party application to find the best hashtags on Instagram relevant to your target customers. 


Every minute, 347223 people are scrolling through their feed on Instagram. You need to post more content on Instagram if you want to get your target audiences’ attention. Instagram now shows content based on timelines, relationships, and interests. That means your target audience gets to see your posts if they have interacted with your band previously or if they are interested in your concept/subject. One needs to post content strategically and frequently to achieve growth on Instagram. You need to find out when users are active. Schedule your posts on Instagram accordingly, when your target audience is most active.  

But the best times to post differs from industry to industry. However, every Instagram account varies, and the tricks and tips that work for one account may not work for another one. It is very important to pay attention to how your followers interact with your posts because it will help you to determine which time is best for you to post on Instagram. Post your content several times a day to find out when to get the most engagement. To understand your audience’s preferences, you can also use social media listening apps.


If you want to improve your growth on Instagram, you have got to engage your target audiences. Building Instagram engagement is not only about posting creative and interesting content, but also you need to be active in the comment section. Encourage your audience to share, comment, and like on your content. Obtain automatic Instagram likes monthly will improve your Instagram growth. Invest your time in replying to your audience’s comments. And keep your tone conversational and genuine. You can also follow your loyal audiences, which may help you to expand your businesses.


Instagram live videos, videos, and stories are great for Instagram growth. They let you engage your audience and be creative in new ways.