4 Ultimate Ways to Update Your Instagram Marketing Strategies

In this guide, I will give the fundamentals of Instagram marketing. Here are a few tips to enhance your marketing strategies in 2021. 

Instagram plays a major role in social media. It is the second most downloaded app from the app store. So businesses feel Instagram is a goldmine for promoting the business. Many brands struggle to grow in Instagram as part of their social marketing strategy, and we understand why.

You need an actionable Instagram strategy if you want to improve a presence and grab customers.

Come. Let’s go! 

1. Optimize Your Instagram Account: 

After signing up for your account, you should concentrate on updating your profile. So, you need to give real content information in the bio section. Also, add the brand-related keyword in your description and set the profile picture as the brand logo. This is the perfect start for your business. 

If you want to develop your business, you should add the following strategies:

  • Hashtags: Using your branded hashtags is a perfect choice to enhance the businesses. 
  • Profile Links: You can add your website link in your Instagram bio. Hereby, you can increase your website traffic. 
  • Story Views: Publish stories on your Instagram newsfeed, which makes your content gets more interesting. Increasing story views is one kind of brand reach. If you want massive instant story views, you can buy Instagram story views for your video,which helps to boost video visibility. 

2. Write Attractive Captions: 

Instagram is a visual medium where you can add photos, videos, etc. Also, you can include the caption in every photo and video. 

We recommend that you don’t neglect the captions because it is the right place to add your brand story. The total length of the captions is 2200 characters long. So, you can explain a detailed story about your brand. 

The first two text lines will display on the screen; if anyone wants to read full, click – read more. 

In the post, we will suggest the best caption length for every social network.

  • Instagram ads: 125 characters
  • Organic Post: 138- 150 characters

3. Use Hashtags:

Adding hashtags into your post, which helps to improve visibility and discoverability. The massive benefit of Instagram is that you can add up to 30 hashtags in a single post. But realistically, no one does that. 

We will recommend that you can include the 5ive to ten hashtags per post. In case you have stuffed more hashtags, it becomes spammy, so your followers turn off the post. 

Also, don’t use repetitive and irrelevant hashtags in your post because Instagram users are not interested to see your content. 

4. Engagement:

If you want to engage your users, you have to create quality content and upload them. 

When the viewers get engagement on Instagram? 

You’re posting quality content, and the Instagram users get engagement. Making high-level content is perfect, but keep in mind that don’t ignore the comments. The common way to interact with your viewers is via comments. 

Try to maximum respond to your viewers to whatever questions. Also, search out the popular account and follow them. Give likes and comments based on your thoughts without promotional ways. 

5. Go Live:

The best way to connect with your potential audience, you can do Instagram Live.

Instagram gives the perfect offer on Instagram live. This below, we have suggested a few strategies about how to use Instagram live:

  • Add a Guest in your live and make conversations
  • Host Q&A
  • Conduct a workshop
  • Interview a team member

For example, Matthew McConaughey is an American actor who invited Dr. Anthony Fauci for Instagram live. They both make live on Instagram to discuss the COVID-19 issue and how to solve this problem. They both have above 4M followers.